About Us

SOFOOD is an organization working with a vision to provide customers with 100% Natural and high-quality dehydrated food products. Sprouts are one of the most complete and nutritional of all foods tested. But making sprouts is a difficult and time consuming task for today’s generation. Buying Sprouts from market comes with risk of microbial contamination and hygienic concerns. 

We understand all of this and hence, with our years of R&D, we bring BROTOS to you, Instant Sprouts, made with utmost care for food safety, quality and hygiene. With 6 months shelf life, that too without any preservatives added, it gives you an awesome food for healthy eating habits in 5 minutes.

With lower preparation time, these products seem to be just the need of the hour for your consumption, be it a food business or personal use.

We also have sprouted flours, Vegan Energy Bars out of Sprouted multigrains, Instant Sprout Soup, Dehydrated Flavored Wheatgrass and Moringa Powders for Instant Detox Drinks, Premixes of Sprouted flours and Protein Rich Energy Drink Formulations for instant use.

Excellent taste, was going on a foreign visit, and being having vegetarian diet was not getting much option, then I got to know about this product through friend who had ordered it on amazon earlier, so I ordered and it was an amazing product, a perfect diet and must have product for students staying away from family or person going on foreign visit, it gets cooked in 3-4 minutes and have a great taste. One should definitely try it.

We deal with various quality products!

  • Dehydrated Sprouts
  • Superfood Powders
  • Sprouted Atta (Flour)
  • Dried vegetables
  • Dried vegetables
  • Ready to Eat
  • Ready to Cook
  • Dried Fruits & Powders
  • Healthy Food Premixes


Amita Shah

Amita is a women entrepreneur and runs Import-Export business. She is mentoring these guys in terms of kitchen & understanding working ladies' perspective and everything else at each step. Her understanding of African markets and her network in Kenya is helping SoFood expand their business in Africa as well.

Sumit Tated

Sumit is PhD student in Green Technology at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai and is doing his research on biomaterials and sustainability. He is an Entrepreneur at heart, loves to travel and explore. He thinks he can contribute his 2 cents to make this world a better place. As a pastime, he teaches kids. Sumit’s family has a history of pioneering social upliftment causes in the district of Vidarbha where farmers' suicide is alarming to the society.

Rishabh Chaudhary

Rishabh is doing PhD in Polymer Science and Technology from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. He was a visiting faculty for Polymers at SRICT, Bharuch for 2 years. His interests are reading books, watching TV series etc. Hailing from a family based in Faridabad which is still close to their rural roots, Rishabh grew up spending his childhood holidays in fields of chilies, potatoes and several fruits.